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Business in the bag

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The e-commerce and express delivery industries have developed greatly. Hundreds of millions of bags are circulating, and small bags can also make a big business.
The e-commerce and express delivery industries have developed greatly. Hundreds of millions of bags are circulating, and small bags can also make a big business. In Dongguan Qingrui Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., a wide range of BOPP ultra-high transparent bags, PP bags, PE bags and various PET, POF environmental shrink labels, plastic shopping bags, bubble bags, ziplock bags, hand bags, etc. . These products are widely used to package toys, ready-to-wear, socks, stationery, cards, greeting cards, glasses, jewelry, and more.

As early as 2002, Qingrui Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was one of the many small-scale foundries in Dongguan. Su Chunding, general manager of Qingrui Environmental Protection Technology, said that the company was only a small plastic bag factory in Wanjiang. In the case of increasingly fierce competition in the packaging industry and uneven products, in 2007, Su Chunding established Dongguan Mingli Packaging Materials Co., Ltd.

Since then, Su Chunding's company has embarked on the road of technological innovation. Su Chunding recognizes the role of technological innovation in the growth of the company. In product research and development, Su Chunding led the team to continuously pass SGS environmental testing, BOPP EU food testing, China Manufacturing Network & SGS manufacturer certification, Alibaba & ITS depth certification, ISO9001-2008, etc. A number of authoritative certifications at home and abroad.

In addition, Su Chunding is also very concerned about the research and development frontiers of new environmentally friendly materials in the world, researching the development trend and latest achievements of new materials in the world, establishing a product research and development laboratory, applying for invention patents and utility model patents, and transferring the latest research results as soon as possible. Going in industrial production.

Certification and patents are not just a label, which gives Su Chunding's products a great market recognition and orders all over the world.
The market is changing rapidly. At the same time as the development of e-commerce and express delivery industry, Su Chunding sees opportunities from it. In 2014, he established Dongguan Qingrui Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. as a branch company, focusing on e-commerce business.
"Electronics has brought opportunities for transformation and upgrading to many industries and industries, such as the Internet, express delivery industry, modern retail industry, etc. Among them, the impact on the packaging industry is also huge." Su Chunding said, hundreds of millions of boxes, packaging As the bag was circulating, Qingrui Environmental saw the business opportunities. During the “Double 11” period, it established cooperation with tens of thousands of merchants, and sales have increased several times.

The popularity of e-commerce is not diminished. Su Chunding’s business is getting bigger and bigger. Su Chunding, who could have been leisurely, has never forgotten the “scientific and technological enterprise” that he insisted on when he first started his business. Su Chunding believes that at present, most of the traditional packaging is mainly paper and plastic, which has a great impact on the environment and people's lives. Modern high-tech environmentally friendly and degradable packaging materials must be the focus of attention in the future. Therefore, he invested money to start research and development of new degradable and environmentally-friendly courier bags to seize market opportunities.

“Although I am doing the packaging, only scientific and technological innovation can produce high-quality products and reasonable prices, so that the company’s ability to withstand pressure in the domestic and foreign markets is stronger.” Su Chunding said.

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